How do I calculate my hire period?
The rental begins at the time of delivery and ends at the time of collection and partial days are calculated as whole days. If the collection time is reasonably close to the 24 hour period we are not going to charge an additional day for the short time involved. By reasonably close we mean within a couple of hours.

Can I extend my hire period?
If you want to extend your hire period before it ends, please contact us by email or phone ASAP and we’ll see what we can do. If there isn’t another customer waiting with a reservation for the equipment, then we’ll quite happily extend your hire and you just pay for the additional days rental costs.

What if I return the equipment late?
If you return the item(s) late meaning more than 2 hours beyond the originally agreed collection time then unfortunately you’re going to have to pay an additional days rental. This is because we may have another customer waiting for the equipment or have to schedule a separate collection for the equipment.

Can I return the equipment early?
Yes, of course. However, you’ll appreciate that we might have turned away other customers because you had the equipment booked, so we can’t offer a refund or credit for the unused portion of your hire period unless the circumstances are exceptional.

Can I hire for an extended period?
Please contact us if you want to arrange a longer term hire and we will try to arrange a tailored solution

I’m going to travel outside the Republic of Ireland. Can I take an equipment with me?
Generally, yes but you must also return the item to the agreed collection point at the end of the hire period.

Can I cancel an order?
A minimum charge of €10 will apply to all cancellations. Cancellations within 28 days from date of pick up will result in a charge of 30% of the value of the booking. For cancellations within 14 days of time of delivery a charge of 50% of the value of the booking will apply. For bookings cancelled within 7 days but more than 48 hours from date of pick up 75% of the value of the booking will apply. No refund will apply to bookings cancelled within 48 hours from date and time of delivery.

Can I hire multiple items at a time?
Certainly. Most of our business is for multiple items but we also deal with customers requiring single items.

Do I get a discount if I hire more than one item at a time?
We provide discounts for multiple items and extended periods. Please contact us for details.

I’m under 18. Can I hire from you?
Yes, but we will request you to pay the rental amount in advance and provide a deposit of €300 per item.

Do you charge a holding deposit?

We reserve the right to charge a deposit of €300 per item which is repayable when the equipment is returned in good condition. The deposit will be returned after satisfactory completion of the rental.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept payment by EFT and Cheque. We can also accept payment by credit card on a card present basis.

Do you charge VAT? Do your prices include VAT?

All our prices include VAT which is currently charged at the rate of 23%. VAT invoices are provided for all rentals.

How does delivery work?
When you book we will ask for sufficient contact details in order to deliver your item to a suitable location in the Dublin area.

How much does delivery and collection cost?
Delivery and collection charges are included in the daily rental charge for deliveries in the Central Dublin area. If either the collection or delivery takes place outside the Dublin area we will charge a fee and inform you about these in advance. Please email us with your requirements.

What if an item that I’ve ordered malfunctions?
Thankfully this is an extremely rare event. In the unlikely event that the equipment malfunctions please inform us immediately and we will attempt to fix the problem on the spot or make arrangements to replace the faulty item. If we cannot do either of the above we will cancel the remainder of the hire period and refund you the unused hire charges. We set out in our terms and conditions that iPadhire Ireland, its officers, directors, employees and staff will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to: damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even if iPadhire Ireland has been advised of the possibility of such damages).

What if the item is delivered late?
We will make every effort to deliver your item on time but no system is perfect. For this reason we set out time windows within which we expect to deliver and collect the item. Just as we make allowance for a couple of hours leeway for collecting items from you we also expect the same flexibility from you in respect of delivery by us. For deliveries outside Dublin by courier it is safest to assume a 2 day delivery time.

Nevertheless, if we are more than 2 hours late delivering or collecting your item you can opt to add an additional days rental at no extra charge. Alternatively you have the option of requesting a refund for that day.

If we are more than 4 hours late on delivery you can opt to add an additional 1 day rental at no additional charge. You may also cancel the entire contract if you wish and we will refund any charges paid by you in full.

Basically, if an item is late being delivered to you, let us know immediately. The sooner we know about it, the sooner we can try to work out a solution for you. Of course, none of the above applies if the reason for the late delivery or collection is because you were not there to take delivery or return the item.

How do I return a item to you?
At the time of delivery or at time of booking we will make arrangements about where and when to arrange the pick up. There will also be contact details with the item and you can phone, text or email us at any time.

What comes in the Box?
Every item comes with a sturdy case, charge adapter and charge lead as appropriate. Headphones or earbuds are not provided for reasons of hygiene.

Is it difficult to use?
Its very easy to use and the more you use it the more familiar you will become.

Do you hire other equipment?
We rent a wide range of equipment designed and tested to work with our ipads and phones. Please see our Accessories page. Let us know if there is some specific equipment you need.

What happens if I damage an item?
The first thing to do is to let us know immediately describing the nature of the damage. If you want it replaced we will attempt to get you a replacement unit so you are up and running again as soon as possible.

When we receive the damaged item we will assess the damage and send it to a service centre for repair. When we get it back, we’ll charge you no more than what it cost us to get it repaired (including postage, if any). If we cannot meet a booking because the unit was being repaired we also reserve the right to charge a penalty to reflect this fact. The penalty charge is up to 50% of the hire charge that would have applied for the period whilst the item is out of commission. So if it takes us 6 days to get it repaired, we may charge you for up to an additional 3 days hire.
If the item is not repairable or is not returned, we will treat it as if you had lost it.

What happens if I lose an item, or if it’s stolen, whilst I’ve got it on hire?
Again, the first thing to do is to let us know immediately describing the problem. If you want it replaced we will attempt to get you a replacement unit so you are up and running again as soon as possible.

We’ll then buy a replacement item to replace the one lost or stolen and we’ll charge you for it.

What do you consider to count as damage, as opposed to normal wear and tear?
Whilst we expect you to look after the equipment as if it were your own, we expect you to actually use it rather than just keep it wrapped in cotton wool the whole time. So we will treat minor marks as the results of ordinary wear and tear. iPads come with a screen protector and this must be left in place at all times so any scratches on the glass, or any dents to the mounting will be considered damage. Similarly, pass codes or any personal restrictions must be removed before returning the items.

Damage Protection
You can take out optional damage protection at a cost of €2 per item per day which will cover you for up to €100 against damage to the screen or for minor cosmetic scratches etc. This amount will cover the replacement cost of most screens. If you do not take out damage protection we will charge you the actual cost to repair the damage as set out above.