iPad Accessories

Secure Floor Stands
We have a range of secure floor stands that are sturdy and easy to use. Can switch from portrait to landscape easily and can be supplied with catalogue holder if required.
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Secure Desk Stands
Desk stands are secure and take a wide range of iPad models. Other types are also available for securing to walls etc.
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Phone Charge Cabinets
Recently introduced. These cabinets operate from a standard 240v supply and can charge 12 mobile devices at a time. Each separate cabinet has a cable with three charging fittings to fit the majority of mobile devices including Apple and Samsung devices. Uses combination locks for each unit and are supplied with a master override.
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We have a wide range of cases including Gripper style cases to allow one-handed use and folio type cases for various size iPads.
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Lenovo Charge Cabinet for Schools, Training, Education and Offices
The charge cart charges 30 tablets and/or notepads including iPads, Samsung tablets, Thinkpad 13, 13 Chromebook, ThinkPad L460, P40 Yoga, T460, X1 Carbon, X1 Tablet, X1 Yoga
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LED Battery Uplighters
LED Uplighters to Colour Theme Your Next Event and create any colour scheme you want.
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Wireless Keyboards
We have a large stock of wireless keyboards which have a long battery life and connect by Bluetooth to the iPad or other mobile device for ease of data entry.
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Brother Label Printers
We can supply Brother Label printers with a wide range of labels. Label printers are particularly suitable for on the fly printing of name badges.
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Airport Extreme Router
Set up a wireless network quickly and easily using the Airport Extreme Base Station from Apple featuring simultaneous dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi support transmitting at both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies at the same time. Use the Airport Utility to set up quickly. Note this needs an Ethernet connection.
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Apple TVs
We can provide Apple TVs to link an iPad or other suitable mobile device to a large screen for ease of viewing or for sharing e.g. a Twitter feed.
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Gear 360 Camera
Use a Samsung Gear 360 Camera linked to a suitable phone to capture stunning 360 degree photos and videos.
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Ipad Tripod
Use a tripod with iPad mount to ensure a smooth photo or video experience.
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Multi USB chargers
If you have a lot of devices to charge we have a stock of chargers to charge 6, 8 or 10 devices at the same time.
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Hotspot Devices
Hotspot devices use a SIM card to connect up to 10 devices to the internet at the same time.
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Samsung Projector
Need a big picture? Link your iPad to a projector using an Apple TV or suitable cable.
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SIM Cards
We maintain a large stock of data SIM cards from eir to allow iPads to use the internet wherever there is a mobile signal.
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We can supply headphones where required. Contact us for more information.
Battery Packs
Stay connected and always have a power reserve to hand for your mobile phone, tablet or other device whilst away from power outlets. We can supply powerbank battery packs to ensure your devices do not run out of power.
Apple MacBook
We also have a number of Apple Macbook Pros to rent. Contact us for more information