Gear 360

Gear 360. The front and rear lenses each capture 180 degrees horizontally and vertically, creating a seamless and complete 360 degrees field of view.

Single Lens Mode - Use just one of the two lenses to capture a striking wide-angled view either in video or stills.

High Resolution Detail. Capture incredible detail in either video or still format with recording in 3840x1920 high resolution video and 25.9 MP photos.

Create 360 Content. Shoot in live view mode, stitch 360 video footage with ease and trim it to your liking. Easy integration with your Galaxy smartphone means you can go from recording to sharing in no time.

Compact and Adventure Proof. Very compact, lightweight and durable.

Pair with a compatible android phone to capture high-resolution images (up to 30 MP) and video in 360-degrees. You can record directly from the Gear 360 or remotely, using your Galaxy smartphone.

Compatible devices: Galaxy Note 5, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ with the Samsung Gear 360 Manager app
Samsung Gear 360 Camera

Samsung Gear 360 Camera