iPad Tripod

The iPad tripod can be set up to provide a stable platform to use the iPad front or rear facing camera. If you combine this with a remote control App from the AppStore you can use the iPad and Tripod as a quick and easy Photo Booth

The special iPad holder attaches quickly and easily to the tripod and the iPad can also be easily inserted in the holder.

The tripod mount is a simple and secure mount that wraps round the ipad with 4 spring loaded arms. It can also be used with or without a protective cover like an Otterbox, Griffin, Lifeproof etc...or any Apple smart cover. Take the ipad tripod mount on and off in seconds.

The tripod comes complete with the iPad holder, a gooseneck extension and a table top clamp.
Compatible with: Apple iPad 1 Apple iPad 2 Apple iPad 3 Apple iPad 4 with Retina display Also compatible with other 10 inch tablets. (Asus, Samsung, and others)