iPads for Schools

Are you are a teacher or parent association interested in obtaining a fleet of iPads for your school? Contact us on 086 2239 678 or email info@ipadhire.ie to discuss your requirements.

iPads can be hired at very attractive rates per day as part of a long term hire agreement for a full package of equipment. Keyboards and Charging carts are also available. iPadhire designs tailor made, cost effective long term hire packages for schools to enable them to avail of iPads in the classroom without requiring large up-front capital expenditure. The benefit to the school is that the latest equipment can be used for a monthly cost thereby spreading the cost of the equipment over the hire period.

iPadhire has supplied iPads for education and training purposes to:
  • Dublin City University
  • Kill O’ the Grange National School
  • Loreto College Bray
  • Trinity College Dublin

Case Study - iPads in the Classroom

Read how iPadhire worked with a national school to deliver iPads in the classroom.

Why Hire Equipment?

Paying for school items up-front brings its own problems such as not buying exactly what is required because of budget limitations and instead settling for a lower-cost option of inferior quality. In many cases the budget may not be available to buy any equipment.

IT equipment tends to become outdated very quickly and if equipment is bought outright the problem of obsolescence rests with the school. The choices then open to a school are to carry on using the equipment and fall steadily behind or sell the equipment for a small amount, if any, and fundraise for replacement equipment all over again.

Purchasing also brings its own headaches with regard to maintenance. Damaged or out of service equipment will impact negatively on the work of students. New equipment comes with a product warranty and in the case of an iPad this is 1 year from the date of purchase for defective hardware in addition to rights under Irish consumer law. Repairs for accidental damage will be the responsibility of the school and if replacement is necessary it will be a lump sum outlay.

Benefits of long term hire of school equipment:

  • Outdated Equipment - Long Term hire is ideal for IT and related equipment since such equipment can become rapidly outdated or not supported. Hiring the equipment means the school will always have up to date equipment and the school is not left with old and outdated hardware.
  • Less upfront expense– there is no lump sum to pay out, meaning that you have more cash available for other essential items or are able to upgrade sooner than your budget might otherwise permit.
  • Payments will be predictable and pre-set – by hiring school equipment over a longer period of time, your budget will be stable and you will always know exactly what payments are due and when.
  • Flexibility to choose – because school equipment hiring is flexible, you can look at a wider range of equipment. This can include items from top brands that might have otherwise been out of your budget and just not affordable.
  • Support and Maintenance is included – Maintaining the equipment in top class order is easily achieved with the built in support package.

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